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Shores Of Hope - Recensione su Lords Of Metal

Stealth (di Italia) operates on the border between hardrock and heavy metal, that thin line where musicians linger who do not give a damn about the Taste Police.

These lads will neither be fined for speeding, nor will they be caught red-handed carrying contraband in the form of musical surprises. It is all a bit tame and thirteen-to-the-dozen what is on offer on Shores Of Hope. Stealth really are lacking in the originality department and their songs seep away even after repeated spins. They seem to be doomed to a local following mainly and if they do not get their act together, this will most probably get stuck in a forever underground story. Fans of bands like Dokken, Tyketto and the Dutch Highway Chile (et al) may give this album a spin. Note: this is the level these guys should aim for on their next album, if there is going to be one.

Ed - 04/05/2014
Voto 62/100
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