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Matia katozz Catozzi

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Born in 1976, originally from Bondeno, a small town in the Province of Ferrara, Italy.
I discovered my first musical notes on a keyboard at the age of 6 and it was love at first touch. My real passion for music, however, blossomed thanks to my father Michelangelo who in 1988 put on music cassettes by the likes of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, which kept us company on car journeys.
From then on I was totally absorbed by the Rock/Metal genres, so much so that for my 13th birthday I asked for my first guitar, a powerful red and white Lead Star, a stratocaster lookalike… I still remember today how I felt when I played my first distorted power chord.
After a year of teaching myself, I decided to take it up for real and I enrolled at the Ferrara School for Modern Music, where R. Formignani initiated me to rudimentary guitar skills, firing my natural inclination, which would soon become dedication, to make music.
In the meantime I played in several different groups in Ferrara and nearby, but without joining a specific band for any significant time. Maybe it was due to this that I stopped playing guitar and concentrated entirely on my university studies.
Then, in 2003, I was bewitched by my Christmas present, a Fender Telecaster Sunburst, which inevitably re-ignited my passion for playing music.
So I started studying guitar again, still taught by R. Formignani, but this time discovering other genres which I would never have given a second thought as a teenager. This allowed me to learn new techniques and fine tune my personal taste.
It was in 2011 that I felt compelled to find a band to play with and where I could express myself musically.
Fate was helped along when I met an old bass player friend of mine, Rambe, in a launderette late at night… we were chatting inanely when the conversation turned to music, so I asked him if he knew of a group looking for a guitarist… and he suggested I join Stealth there and then.
The group wasn’t actually looking for another guitarist at the time, as they only had one guitar in their line up, so Andrea (Rambe) – who wasn’t Stealth’s official bass player yet – suggested I join as a possible bass. As far as I was concerned, I was itching to play and would have taken up any other string instrument. We were all curious to meet each other and so hooked up for a practice session where I was immediately taken by their pieces.
I managed to persuade Luca Occhi and Marcello Danieli to add me as a second guitar and Andrea joined as a bass player. From then on we all committed to working together in Stealth and I felt I had finally found my place and my musical identity.