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Marcello marcy Danieli

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Born on 4th of march, 1983, at Ferrara. The passion for music and the will to play an instrument accompanied me through my childhood. At age 19 I realize that the drums are the right choice! I started to take lessons from Iarin Munari and for 2 years I focused on learning to be a good player, then in 2004 with Enrico Ghirelli ( friend of mine since 2001) e Maikel Bononi I start my first band, but things don’t get good, as I don’t like covers, preferring instead to write my own songs. I realized that I still miss the experience for such a project, so I get back to studying for 3 years. In 2007 I decide to try to form a new band, so I searched for musicians in my area, founding Luca Vianello, Luca occhi and Enrico Ghirelli. Viane and Enrico abandoned the project, but me and Luca hold on and we start auditions to find new members, while creating dozens of songs and riffs in the meanwhile. We finally found Andrea and Matia, and the return of Enrico signed the end of the search and the start of STEALTH.