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EX: Luca eyes Occhi

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I was born in a foggy novembrine Tuesday, 1984. Since I was a child I was interested in music: when 4 years old I was drumming on my mum’s pots and pans in the morning, ruining the sleep of my neighborhood by trying to emulate the bands on the tapes stolen from my sister. I listened to Queen, Michael Jackson and Europe, and at mid school I finally started to attend a free guitar class, starting also to play a lot more than the time I dedicated to studying (even if no teacher had ever been able to shot me dead at the end of school). At age 16 my cousin gave me my first electric guitar, and the flame got ablaze. Completely self-learning, I spend countless hours creating distorted riffs at high volume, improving steadily and starting, after some year, to look for a band. It took a lot of time, but finally I found a bald drummer (who we all know) who was looking for a guitarist. STEALTH were born. Hours of rehearsing, hours of songwriting, but first of all hours to look for the other members of the band. Eventually (VERY eventually) the strike force was completed, and from there tenths of gigs, nice moments and rock ‘n roll. And what will be from now on will be written by you and us together.