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Enrico ico Ghirelli

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I was born on the 26th of January 1978, and I live in Giacciano con Baruchella (rovigo). I liked singing when I was a kid, but the true love for music matured when I learned to play guitar and keyboards and started to write my own songs with Matteo Venturini in a band called “Cattivi Pensieri” back in 1992. After this brief experience, I jumped into the “Mantra” project till the end of the band in 1998. Another project was “Catarsi”, a two year lasting formation with my wife Valentina Veronese, Nicola Zerbetto, Stefano Seno, Riccardo Meneghello. After some minor collaboration with various friends (Maikel Bononi, Michele Pasqualini, Marcello Danieli...) in 2004 I recreated “Mantra” with to get back to rock cover live shows. In 2007 I started the first STEALTH adventure, but it lasted just a few months. Meanwhile Mantra band was losing feeling, so in 2011 I turned definitely the page to dedicate myself just to the STEALTH project, completing their formation (Marcello Danieli, Luca Occhi, Andrea Rambelli and Matia Catozzi).